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Faculty and Staff

Holy Spirit School currently employs full and part-time highly qualified faculty and staff members that have all met the requirements for hiring imposed by the Diocese of Sacramento.

Tricia Fey Principal
Gladys Rusit Office - Bookkeeper
Sonia LeDoux Office - Secretary
Bridgette Chestnut Advancement Director
Teresa Silveira Kindergarten Teacher
Carrie O'Bra Kindergarten Aide
Robin Costa K / 2nd Grade Aide
Rachelle Sperry 1st Grade Teacher
Sarina Aweau 1st Grade Aide
Ana Ruiz 2nd Grade Teacher
Amy Bassignani 2nd Grade Aide
Debbie Cassella 3rd Grade Teacher
Margaret Rosa 3rd Grade Aide
Jessica Thompson 4th Grade Teacher
Linda Medina 4th Grade Aide
Denise Bailey 5th Grade Teacher
Imraana Khan 5th Grade Aide
Amy Thorstad 6th Grade Teacher
Jenny Quandt 7th Grade Teacher
Margaret Papoe 8th Grade Teacher
Ramona Neejer Middle School Aide
Ambergrace Arguelles Music
Antonio Escobedo Art / Band
Veronica Diaz Spanish Teacher
Vivian Kalb Middle School Science / Math
Edwin Pawley Middle School Accelerated Math
Ban Koka Technology (Grades 3-8)
Shamone Malbrough Technology (Grades K-2), PE, Girls Athletic Director
Jack McDonough Boys' Athletic Director
Maria Estrada Extension Director
Leslie Carrillo Extension Aide
Barbara Sokol Extension Aide
Martin Hernandez Vazquez Extension Aide
Ferdinand Fiel Custodian
Claudia Cabriales Custodial Assistant
Robert Dragges Custodial Assistant
Frances Lopez Custodian Assistant
Debbie Hanna Educational Achievement Specialist (EAS) / Vice Principal
Stacey Wysocki Information Technology (IT)