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Application Process

Please feel free to visit our office to pick up an application packet!

Once your completed application is received, we will contact you to schedule an interview with the principal and schedule a readiness (Kindergarten) or academic (Grades 1-8) assessment.

Admissions decisions are made using the following priorities:

  1. Continuing students in good standing at Holy Spirit School who meet registration deadlines
  2. Siblings of Catholic families attending Holy Spirit School
  3. Siblings of non-Catholic families attending Holy Spirit School
  4. New Catholic Families
  5. New non-Catholic families

Holy Spirit School works with parents in the faith formation of their children and continues the value development begun in the home. The school, however, has a mission to be a Catholic school and to form students in the Catholic faith. All students must participate fully in Religion class and other faith formation activities subject to the restrictions by the Church upon full participation in the Eucharist by non-Catholics.

Acceptance into Holy Spirit School is dependent upon the ability of the school to meet the educational needs of the child. The school may not have all the resources necessary to meet the educational, physical, psychological, and/or emotional needs of an individual child. While the school will try to accommodate reasonable needs, if the needs of the child exceed the resources of the school, the best interests of the child may be best served by placing the child in a different educational environment with appropriate resources for the child.