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Margaret Aylward is the foundress of the Sisters of the Holy Faith. She was born in Waterford, Ireland on November 23, 1810. Margaret lived during the time of The Great Famine and spent many years serving children in distress. Her work was formalized in 1857 in St. Brigid’s Orphanage (an organization that placed children with families in long-term fosterage). She also saw the need for education for poor children and thus the Holy Faith network of schools was started. The purpose of the order is “to proclaim by word and action the love and truth of Jesus to the people of our day and to collaborate in creating a just world.”  

Under the direction of Rev. Thomas Murphy, the pastor of Holy Spirit Parish, Holy Spirit School was founded by the Sisters of the Holy Faith in 1956 and strives to continue the Sisters’ mission. The impact of the Sisters’ work still resonates among faculty, students, and staff - Sr. Liz Curtis was the last nun to be principal at Holy Spirit, and her advice to “be a river, not a rock” is often invoked in the school community. Sr. Liz was enthusiastic in bringing people to various forms of ministry, and that spirit of service lives on in the incredible parent involvement and support that is a defining characteristic of our school!